About Me


My name is Sebastien, but most people call me "Seb". I'm a developer based in Toulouse, France.

Professional stuff

I'm currently the Lead Solutions Architect of La Fabrique à Innovations.

I've been a freelance Solutions Architect for about 3 years. Check the Missions section to see my last missions/clients.

I work mainly with startups, helping them to build good products. I use a lot of Python, Go, GraphQL, Node, React and Vue. I also do some basic DevOps on AWS using Terraform.

You can find more about what I've done so far in my Resume.

Personal stuff

As far as I remember, I've always been developing apps, games and other kind of things since my parents bought me my first laptop when I was 14 and my cousin Nicolas (which is also my mentor) told me "You're gonna install linux and learn to code".

When I'm not creating things, you can find me doing sports, playing guitar, and always trying to learn new stuff.

I really enjoy skydiving, skiing, and rock climbing.