My name is Sébastien, but most people call me “Seb”. I’m a software engineer based in Montpellier, France.


I’m currently working at RAFIKI by NALA as a Lead Backend Engineer to help build the future of financial services and payment infrastructure in Africa.

I was previously CTO at Bloomup, spent summers at Osper, Mendeley and BlueMind and worked as a consultant for various companies in the UK and France.


Outside of work, I spend most of my time outside in the mountains, on the water or in the air. I’m super passionate about kitesurfing, rock climbing and skydiving. When I’m not outside, I’m usually working on some side projects. You can find some of them on the projects page.


Email: [email protected]
Github: github.com/graphman65
Keybase: keybase.io/graphman
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sebastien-lacoste