Here are some of my last missions as a freelancer.

Lead Solutions Architect at La Fabrique à Innovations, Toulouse

I'm in charge of conceptualizing and developing the whole tech stack.

Techstack: Python, Django, React, AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Go
Date: February 2018 - Now

Fullstack developer at Thales, Toulouse

I designed and built a Progressive Web Apps to help people in charge of aerospatial hardware troubleshooting to collect usefull data before the hardware is sent to the repair service.

Techstack: Firebase (database and hosting), React
Date: October/November 2017

CTO at La Localerie, Toulouse

I built, deployed and maintained 3 e-commerces websites. I developed a custom e-commerce framework as the 3 websites were basically using the same features that wasn't easy to implement in existing framework without doing hacky/unmaintainable pieces of code.

Techstack: Django, DRF, Go, React, Next.js, AWS (ECS, S3, RDS), Postgres
Date: February 2017 to September 2017

Fullstack developer at Treevea, Toulouse

I implemented new features related to clipboard, images compression, MS office integration. I also developed their brand new website using React SSR.

Techstack: React, C#, Electron, Node
Date: November 2016 to April 2017